How to change drive icon in Windows 7 & 8?

Icons are the beauty of Windows after theme. Its shown everywhere because every file/extension have its own icon, some extension icons are set default by Windows so that icon is shown automatically by default icon of Windows. Every version of windows have their own icons style, in earlier days when we have Windows 98 or Me, we don’t have any high graphics. Microsoft working hard and released Windows XP with some additional options and graphics. After that they release Windows Vista and then Seven which are most beautiful in look as well as performance. Now Microsoft released Windows 8 with metro style, it has also a great look. Icons are frequently changed in all additions.

Some peoples have make their own windows (not actually), but they change some icons and appearance and named their own. Do you ever think about this? Are you bored with Windows default icons? Today I am going to show you how to change the Drive icon icon in Windows 7 and Windows 8 as well as Windows XP.

Fixed2 How to change drive icon in Windows 7 & 8?

You can change the drive icon and set any icon you want. So lets start!

Steps to change the drive icon:

Step 1: Download the Change Drive Icon and run it in your computer. You don’t have to install it, its portable version.

Step 2: Download the icon from Google or from the sites given below.

  1. Icon Archive

  2. Icons Pedia

  3. Find Icons

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Step 3: After downloading icon, open the software (Change Drive Icon).

Step 4: Select the icon file on the software and then select the drive for changing the icon.

Untitled 17 How to change drive icon in Windows 7 & 8?


Step 5: Now click on “Change icon” button to change the icon of your selected drive.

You all are done. Go to your Computer and check the drive icon icon wink How to change drive icon in Windows 7 & 8?

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  1. shahzaib sheikh

    you show ICONS web site how to download

    • Zeeshan Ahmed

      You can download the .ico file by clicking on Download Icon button :-)

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