How to delete or change primary email address on Facebook?

Facebook is the biggest social networking site, million of peoples are their to communicate and keep them update on Facebook. Facebook have a large supportive community, they regularly keeps updating itself. Those updates are sometimes about the functionality and sometimes about the privacy concerns.

Their are much more options on Facebook, the most important that we are talking about is Primary Email, an email address which you provide them when you creating your Facebook account. This email address is actually the root of your Facebook account, it helps you to change the important settings of your Facebook account as well as help you to reset your password.

Their are many other options are not working without confirming the email address, such as Chat option which is most important and some other options as well. If you have primary email address, then its very easy to perform all operations on Facebook. But if you lose you primary email address its very hectic to access your email account and other account features. So, if you ever forget your primary email address, don’t worry, here is the way to change primary email address and delete the old one or you may say that replace the old primary email address to new one. Let me guide you step by step.

Steps to change the primary Email address on Facebook:

Step 1: Go to your Facebook account and log in into your Facebook account.

Step 2: Click on the “Settings” icon shows on the top right corner of your Facebook account.

Step 3: Now click on “Account Settings” and then click on “Email” shows after click on Account Settings.

Untitled 116 How to delete or change primary email address on Facebook?

Step 4: Click on “Add another email address” and add type your new email address in the email box.

Step 5: Type your password and click on “Save Changes”.

Step 6: Go to your email inbox and open the Facebook mail for account confirmation.

Step 7: Click on the confirmation link as shown in below picture.

Untitled 118 How to delete or change primary email address on Facebook?

Step 8: Open Email dialog box again again select your new email as primary email address, put your password and click on Save Changes to save.

Untitled 119 How to delete or change primary email address on Facebook?

You all are done. You successfully change your primary email address into new one.

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7 Responses to “How to delete or change primary email address on Facebook?”
  1. Rizwan Saharan

    Nice sharing bro it’s very informative thing you share with us best of luck
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    • Zeeshan Ahmed

      Hi Rizwan, thanks for your comment :) these are basic tricks for newbies..

  2. Osama Zia

    Nice trick zeeshan!
    By the way you moved to wordpress? This is great man.. !!
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  3. zain

    Please Help me bro i have change the primary email from face book but i have one mistake i remove the old primary email then i have login so this error coming

    Our systems show that this email address was recently removed from your account.

    Please Help me

    • Zeeshan Ahmed

      Zain, try to log in with your username.. Type your username where you put your email.

  4. rjgarney

    Followed the instruction to a t. but when I try to change my primary after adding new e-mail and confirming. I hit save changes, save changes button changes to greyed out and it just sits there.

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